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Chocolate Orange Stout

From the Amber Ales brewery.
Ale at 4.0%.
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What it says on the tin, Chocolate Orange Stout. Champion Speciality Beer of Britain 2010.
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by Natalya on 04 Jul 2013

It's good to hear that there are pubs out there unafraid to brew a good sessoin beer.A friend used to brew for a local pub (now since closed) and dead-on duplicated the Sam Smith dark mild we sampled in London one Spring -- both his and the Smith were wonderfully flavorful and around 3.5%The bad news? His boss (a restrateur, not a brewer) learned of the low ABV and forbid him to make it again because he "knew" his customers and they'd never drink such a low alcohol beer.The beer was made again, the record sheet was just fudged to appease overseers. And no, the beer never went old in the serving tank.

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