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Victory Ale

From the Batemans brewery.
Ale at 6.0%.
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by gunnersmith on 18 Feb 2013

Cracking bottled ale. Dark, deep and strong flavoured.
by John on 22 Mar 2013

We just need to bring back hop growing in areas where it once fluorished. Back before prohibition most of the hops for breweries on the east coast of the US was grown in Schoharie County, NY and in the area on the south slopes of the Poconos in PA. These are areas with limestone based soils and slopes that face the sun for a good part of the day ideal for growing flavorful hops. After WW II, very large scale culture of hops was begun in the Pacific Northwest, and economies of scale and the emergence of national brewing companies killed the smaller scale operations in the east.We will get more hops, but it'll take a couple years. Hops is a perennial crop, and requires a couple years to become productive.I raise my bottle of Sam Adams Boston Ale to the Mad Biologist.
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