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77 Lager

From the Brew Dog brewery.
Lager at 4.9%.
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A Lager that actually tastes of something?

You have to be kidding, right?

77 lager is made with 100% malt and whole leaf hops.

It contains no preservatives, additives, cheap substitutes or any other junk.

Maybe we are crazy. So what?

Taste 77 Lager and we are pretty sure you will agree that the fine line between genius and insanity has just become a little more blurred.
Tasting Notes
almonds butter caramel chocolate citrus coconut coffee crisp earth fizz fizzy drinks fruit hops liquorice sharp smoke sweets


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by wicheda on 28 Sep 2010

This is a decent lager to drink, a touch of bitterness (although maybe not quite enough) balances with the refreshing thirst quenching abilities of lager.


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