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Budvar Dark

From the Budweiser Budvar brewery.
Lager at 4.7%.
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Premium Dark Lager has complemented the traditional offer of beer from the brewery Budweiser Budvar, N. C. since 2004. It is produced in the same manner as original Premium Lager with the use of the finely selected ┼Żatec hop, Moravian malt, water from 300 m deep Artesian wells and three types of special colour barley malt: Munich, caramel and roasted.

It is characterized by its significant dark colour, dry, fine bitter caramel flavour without dominant sweetness, The flavour is made delicious by the roasted malt.
Tasting Notes
chocolate coffee oak

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by wicheda on 16 Jul 2010

Lovely stuff, like a slightly lighter fizzled Guinness. Strong coffee and bitter sweet finish.

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