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Courage Best

From the Courage brewery.
Bitter at 4.8%.
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A part of the Courage family, and a beer with over 200 years of brewing pedigree, Courage Best Bitter retains its widespread popularity.
Pale brown in appearance with a bitter after taste, Courage Best Bitter consumers enjoy its lower ABV of 4% that allows them the opportunity to enjoy their favourite ale for longer.

Courage Best Bitter is also a major sponsor of rugby union clubs including the Plymouth Pirates and the Exeter Chiefs and are sponsors of local events within its south west of England heartland.
Tasting Notes


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by richh on 28 Oct 2009

Excellent, silky smooth bitter that goes down a treat.
by baron_orm on 10 Nov 2009

Courage Best [baron rating 2/5] - this 3.8% light amber ale has a gentle hop aroma, but the light malty taste is ruined by a metallic taste

The Ormskirk Baron
by Cask_Marx on 15 Apr 2010

Nice to see Wells & youngs actually Make Courage Best a decent beer again.
Under Scottisc Courage & Scottish & Newcastle it became a bland almost tasteless beer. Now it lives up to it's name.
Wonder what wells & Youngs have done that S & N didn't (use hops probably).
by gunnersmith on 09 Feb 2013

Bottled, it's surprisingly flavoursome and ranks highly. Well done to Courage for reviving the old favourite. Gertcha!
by q9uf3vw343 on 01 Mar 2016
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