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From the Fosters brewery.
Lager at 4.2%.
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Tasting Notes
butter caramel chocolate coffee fruit hops sharp


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by wicheda on 05 Mar 2010

Not a very big fan of this one, even on a hot summer's day its lightness and fizziness are very off-putting.

Overly sweet and yet still bland. One to avoid.
by Anonymous on 14 Mar 2010

It's dice
by Anonymous on 29 Mar 2010

Three words......fizzy, coloured, water. Shame on them Australians for offloading this onto us.
by Anonymous on 28 May 2010

Ah yes the oil can, good for those just starting their drinking years, excellent in draft
by Anonymous on 31 Jul 2010

Tastes like something produced by my cat (I imagine).
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