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From the Fuller's brewery.
Ale at 5.5%.
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ESB was launched into the Fuller's family in 1971, as a winter brew to replace a beer named Old Burton Extra. The potential of the beer was soon realised and ESB was installed as a permanent fixture, creating an immediate impact.

Not only was it one of the strongest regularly brewed draught beers in the country (at 5.5% ABV), it was also one of the tastiest, and as the awareness of the beer grew, so did its popularity. ESB's reputation was soon enhanced after being named CAMRA's (Campaign for Real Ale) Beer of the Year in 1978, and the beer has not stopped winning since!

With three CAMRA Beer of the Year awards, two World Champion Beer awards, and numerous other gold medals to speak of, ESB is, quite simply, the Champion Ale.
Tasting Notes
caramel fruit hops oak orange mkt gott


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by richh on 28 Oct 2009

Strong, full-bodied ale
by Anonymous on 28 May 2010

Outstanding, holds up all the way to the end
by Anonymous on 24 Aug 2010

I'm drinking ESB at the moment, on the second bottle. I'm finding it quite light tasting really compared to some of the stronger tasting, hoppier and heavier beers I enjoy. It doesn't taste as strong as it is. It's nice though. Rounded and smooth
by Anonymous on 21 Sep 2010

Was quite light? What were you drinking? Love the full flavor not a coors lite!
by Anonymous on 02 Apr 2011

Very nice,great taste a bit different to others,nice
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