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Belgian Guinness

From the Guinness brewery.
Stout at 8.0%.
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A rare Guinness, bottled for John Martin SA at a considerably higher than usual 8%.
Tasting Notes
almonds barnyard cloves hops medicine oak


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by wicheda on 24 Nov 2009

Smooth with a hefty alchoholic kick and the usual Guinness creaminess.

Dark and satisfying for a Winter night.
by Nuhasanah on 25 Apr 2012

It seems your perv-stache is coming in nicley! I'd agree, your comparison works well and makes a good point. In my case I haven't yet tried most breweries full lineups, so its hard for me to say I've found a gem beer amongst the average. I suppose in time I'll learn more, but I do try to keep the looks thing in mind when picking a beer I haven't tried before.I guess the beer that most surprised me recently was Avery's Hog Heaven. I bought it on a whim. I never had anything from Avery, nor have I ever had a barley wine prior to that. The name of the beer, along with the flying pigs on the label said ooooh risky beer' I had no idea what it was going to be like, but I really enjoyed it and look forward to trying other Avery beers now.[]

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