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From the Guinness brewery.
at 3.8%.
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A "pale ale" brewed in Kilkenny, Ireland, and owned and distributed by guinness, Smithwicks is distinctly Red in colour. It is the standard drink poured in Irish pubs when a beer is asked for, but it is certainly an ale.

It lacks the smoothness of it's parent Guinness, but has great depth of flavour and is consistent in it's pour. It is pulled from a chilled keg, unlike British ales.
Tasting Notes
bitter butter caramel coffee crisp earth hops


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by Anonymous on 28 May 2010

A consistantly outstanding ale. Great with Guiness as a Half n Half. Great choice for St Patty's Day if u can't handle a Guiness
by Bucky on 25 Sep 2012

Wow, this is in every respect what I neeedd to know.

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