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From the Hall and Woodhouse brewery.
at 4.5%.
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River Cottage and Hall & Woodhouse have been working together to brew a new organic handcrafted ale, which uses organic nettles hand-picked at River Cottage HQ, in Dorset. The result is River Cottage Stinger - a wonderful tongue tingling ale.

Hall & Woodhouse Head Brewer, Tim Morris, who helped to brew the recipe for the ale said: "Stinger is made from fresh organic Dorset nettles from the River Cottage estate added to the copper. It has a grassy herbal aroma with subtle gooseberry and lemon citrus notes that build up towards the end of the glass. It is finished with a slightly spicy after taste that lingers beautifully."
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by wicheda on 12 Oct 2009

This is a beer produced by one of my favourite foodie personalities, Hugh Fearnley Whitenstall and also one of my favourite brewers, Hall & Woodhouse.

I tried this beer in the middle of nowhere in the Malvern hills where I had only moments earlier been stung by a nettle retrieving my airgun target. There was a poetic justice in putting the bottle to my lips knowing some nettles had been crushed on my behalf, seeing as this beer contain stinging nettles as its extra special ingredient.

To be honest the nettle taste was muted at best, but it was a very tasty beer. Quite light and not too flavourful, I think this would appeal to all palates. A lager drinker friend tried it and said it was nice as well. Unchallenging and simple but in a good way.

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