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From the Hoegaarden brewery.
Wheat at 4.9%.
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Hoegaarden is probably the most known of the wheat beers. It has a distinctive taste and is often served with lemon as an unusual addition.
Tasting Notes
citrus cloves coriander corriander hops sharp sour

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by wicheda on 21 Sep 2009

I will of an evening very occasionally get the urge for a pint of Hoegaarden. I'm not sure I've ever had more than two pints of it in an evening though. It fills a certain spot, with a particular lemony slightly spicy flavour and thick texture.

One way to ruin someone's pint of it though, tell them it tastes like baked beans!
by kassy4 on 23 Sep 2009

This one always seems like a good idea, and then after one taste, I'm lamenting my decision. The after taste makes it a difficult beer to finish, and I'm always immediately keen to switch to something else.
by richh on 28 Oct 2009

Wheat beer with incredibly fruity, orange, spicy flavour.
by Anonymous on 28 May 2010

Great beer, love the Dunkel
by Anonymous on 24 Oct 2010

Probably in my top 5 favourite beers
Different refreshing taste..foxy
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