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From the Hogs Back Brewery brewery.
Ale at 4.2%.
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The brewery’s flagship ale is pale brown, with a hoppy and slightly fruity aroma supported by malt in the taste. A well crafted, bittersweet beer with a long dry finish. A classic Best Bitter.
Tasting Notes
bitter hops


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by wicheda on 01 Jan 2010

A good reliable beer, it has a light colour with a subtle flavour. Nicely balanced between bitter and sweet.
by robbieuk on 15 Jan 2010

Flavoursome but not over powering. Refreshing when served at room temperature. And good with a curry.
by Eggwhisk on 28 Dec 2010

Very easy to drink. Pleasant bitterness. Full bodied without being overpowering. As english and as drinkable as a good cuppa!


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