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Ginger Stout

From the Hop Back brewery.
Ale at 4.4%.
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Tried this in bottle form. It is a very very deep ruby stout based on entire stout but with added Ginger. The aroma is earthy with a touch of fruit. This tastes hoppy and certainly a refreshing bitterness followed by a warming spicy Ginger aftertaste- an excellent ale
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by Anonymous on 19 Nov 2010

Very very ruby in colour like a fine Bordeaux and not the usual black one associates with a stout. It has an interesting earthy aroma with hints of chocolate /Coffee it is very hoppy in taste with the chocolate and coffee in evidence. However, the Ginger aftertaste tingled the Tongue in a refreshing manner. Certainly better than this breweries Entire Stout,Hop Back have,in my opinion, another winner,

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