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From the Penpont brewery.
Ale at 4.6%.
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by Shashank on 23 Mar 2013

Lew writes:Guys: you're misnisg the point. Ask any brewer, even brewpub brewers: the majority of their customers, the people who actually come in three or four times a week and keep the place humming along and profitable, are not beer geeks.I can't totally agree with that statment Lew, and I don't think the point is being missed here. I don't consider myself a beer geekm, but my friends do, and I'm one of those people who actually come into a place three of four times a week. I'm one of those guys, that makes the weekly run to the good beer store. The people who enjoy craft beer(geeks included), are the ones who are making the effort to go to brewpubs and beer bars. Beer geeks are the local too Lew. I might be hit and run when I am visiting another city, but I am the regular you are talking about that makes the rounds to the local places, and supports the local brewers. And I don't think I am alone in that. Ask most beer geeks if they support their local brewpubs/breweries and I think you will get a yes for an answer. Beer geeks are whores, but they have their favorites too, mine being Old Dominion. The lightest beer available sells best, but it's not light beer, and they're buying it in a place where they're exposed to other people drinking a wide variety of beers, which often leads them to try that variety...and often leads to them finding -- to their surprise -- that they like some of the other ones. Thus turning them into beer geeks, and once that happens? They want session beers?

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