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From the SAB Miller brewery.
at 5.0%.
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The Dutch premium lager with the distinctive swingtop bottle.
Tasting Notes
bitter butter hops water


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by drunkenshepherd on 06 Oct 2009

A good crisp 'European fighting strength' lager, excellent in either draught or bottled form.
by wicheda on 27 Oct 2009

Personally I find Grolsch somewhere in the middle of more popular generic lagers. Not especially flavoursome and occasionally chemical-tasting, generally it is awful out of a tap. Out of cans and bottles it is average, although the swing top bottles are fun.
by Anonymous on 28 May 2010

by Anonymous on 22 Sep 2010

Fizzy, nasty pap with an unappealing taste and a tendency to bring out the "wife beater" in you - allegedly. Interesting bottle, but one of the poorer imported lagers on the market. Best sticking to proper British beer, or if you must drink lager, some decent Belgium lagers are out there (some with an ABV that will blow your socks off).

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