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Boston ale

From the Sam Adams brewery.
Ale at 4.9%.
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A slightly sweet beer from Boston.
Tasting Notes
almonds fizz sharp


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by wicheda on 30 Sep 2009

I had my first Sam Adams in Newark airport. It had been my first trip to New York and the beer had been decidedly disappointing. I realise America is not know for its beer but there has definitely been a resurgence of "proper beer" recently. Anyway this helped me with my confidence in American beers. It was slightly sweet, and maybe slightly too carbonated but overall there was plenty of flavour and character, a good tasty beer. Invigorating!
by Sestrel on 18 Oct 2009

Again, my firsrt experience of this was sitting in a bar looking out at New York in the rain.
Although quite lively, it has a smooth but distinctive flavour, slightly nutty, not too much caramel, subtle flavours.
very very drinkable, cheaper in 24's from any of those wine distributors/case sellers.
Well worth buying.


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