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Fosters Scuba

From the Scottish brewery.
Lager at 4.0%.
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This larger is alot smoother and seems to have a bit more taste than original fosters
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by Gawwesque on 11 Sep 2012

Nam a erat magna ac imperdiet sed bibendum. Quisque vitae posuere risus.
by Syed on 12 Dec 2012

I generally try to drink from sfeicpic glasses. I must have a traditional pint glass for my Guinness and other stouts. Another beer that is on tap a lot at my place is New Belgium Fat Tire. I have a set of glasses that I picked up for free that a Fat Tire event. It helps to have a pretty wife to simply ask sometime. She snagged a set of 8 tulip glasses with the Fat Tire branded on them.

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