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Bishop's Finger

From the Shepherd Neame brewery.
Ale at 5.4%.
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Full-bodied with complex fruit flavours, Bishops Finger is a strong premium cask-conditioned ale brewed to a traditional Kentish recipe. What's behind the name? Well, a Bishops Finger is an unusual finger-shaped signpost still found in Kent, which once pointed pilgrims on their way to Canterbury. Only the finest malted barley, Kent hops and fresh water from our own artesian well are used in the production of one of Britain's best-loved ales, which is also exported in bottles to more than 30 countries worldwide.
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by richh on 28 Oct 2009

A strong, heady beer from Shepherd Neame.  Apparently a "Bishops Finger" is a type of old English signpost.  Well, you'll certainly need to follow the signposts after drinking much of this.
by baron_orm on 09 Nov 2009

Shepherd Neame Bishops Finger [baron rating: 2/5] - this 5.4% ale is very fruity with a strong taste, just a bit too heavy for the baron

<a href="">The Ormskirk Baron</a>
by onepace on 19 Feb 2010

Lingering fizz, quite unpopular aftertaste amongst the Ians in the room. Fizz still there, not happy.

Fizz still lingering...
by onepace on 19 Feb 2010

That said, it does have a nice but bitter taste. Not bad.
by Anonymous on 14 Sep 2010

In my opinion best bottled beer. Bitter with full slightly fruity taste. Cask version is good too but not as outstanding.
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