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Samuel Smith Nut Brown Ale The

From the The Old Brewery Tradcaster brewery.
Ale at 5.0%.
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Nutty smooth taste
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by Kumi on 27 Sep 2012

That was a great comment. I get the loyal stuff I felt like I was baeikrng up with a boyfriend when I moved from Sprint to AT T. I refuse to use Foursquare because I met a guy twice who works for Gowalla. Yeah, so the loyalty I get. And before moving out to Beaumont, I tried to stick with primarily Austin-based beers. But I'm too much of a beer fanatic to box myself in anywhere (other than Bud Light, because ok I can't help it, I still like that beer, will probably always like that beer). I've met Lennie as well (poor guy, having to meet me) and liked him, a lot. He explained the brewing process to a table full of engineers. Not an easy feat. So whore away for St. Arnold. It won't offend me. I just wish some other tasty local brews had such loyal fans as yourself so that I could have good beer anywhere other than Major League Grill.Ok, so you're a fellow wine-o! What are your favorites? Do you frequent the local wine stores? I'm not a huge fan, but that's me. My favorite thing to do with wine (which I finally get to do this weekend) is buy a bottle at the Whole Foods on 6th and Lamar in Austin and sit on their roof with a smile. Being in Beaumont I'm on my own picking wine, which is dangerous because I normally I just find the prettiest bottle. In Austin I have fancy wine experts who direct me to great beers. On one occasion, I was suggested a wine that even my dad went back for seconds. Which has more significance if you knew my dad, but whatever.PS will you throw me a party at the brewery?!?!

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