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Banana Bread Beer

From the Well's and Young's Brewery Company brewery.
Ale at 5.2%.
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"Banoffee aromas", "silky and dark".
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by onepace on 19 Feb 2010

A surprisingly accurate banana flavour! Good for one or two but maybe not a beer to drink all night. We likey.
by Anonymous on 22 Sep 2010

Quirky and enjoyable. Tastes like it says on the bottle.
by Anonymous on 28 Oct 2010

Despite initial doubts a very enjoyable ale. Definitely taste the banana which if chilled provides a refreshing combination. Give it a go you'll be surprised.
by Anonymous on 25 Jun 2011

A beautiful aftertaste of banana, very well balanced. Could drink 4 or 5 bottles before wanting to switch to something else
by Senior on 04 Mar 2014

Successfully peculiar. Definitely an interesting beer with a defined bitter sweet flavour typical of bananas. Although quite a weighty flavour to carry for more than a few pints.

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