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From the Young's brewery.
at 4.3%.
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Wells Bombardier uses only the most flavoursome part of the ripest, hand sampled English 'Challenger and Golding' hops to guarantee a delicious sultana fruit taste and a wonderful, spicy aroma.
Tasting Notes
bitter caramel coffee crisp fruit hops liquorice oak sharp toffee


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by baron_orm on 10 Nov 2009

Wells Bombardier [baron rating 3/5] - this 5.2% dark amber ale has a slightly spicy smell & a smooth malty taste, a nice British beer

The Ormskirk Baron
by Anonymous on 14 Sep 2010

On cask this is a good 'standard' bitter. Not adventurous but never disappointed to see this on.
by Anonymous on 22 Sep 2010

Unchallenging, easy drinking. Not too bad at all.
by Anonymous on 12 Oct 2010

by Anonymous on 11 Dec 2010

The way forward 4/5
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